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Mythology and Monuments in Roman Corinth

Wednesday, November 6 | 12:00-1:30 p.m.

Space Available
Course closing date: 11/6/2019
Location: Ohman Family Living at Holly
Your Instructor(s) will be: Karen Laurence
For more information contact: Professional Staff, 216-368-2090


"Mythology and Monuments in Roman Corinth"

The city of Corinth was one of the most important of the ancient Greek world, with a rich religious and mythological past. Sacked and rebuilt by the Romans in the second and first centuries BCE, Corinth was refounded as a Roman colony. These Roman-period Corinthians used the mythical and religious traditions of ancient Corinth as a memorial and philhellenic link to the past of this ancient Greek city-state. 

Cost includes lunch and complimentary parking

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If you have any issues while registering please call us at 216-368-2090 or 216-368-2091
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