Matt Goldish

  Professor Matt Goldish's interests have centered on the seventeenth century. His monograph, Judaism in the Theology of Sir Isaac Newton, deals with questions about the impact of Jewish ideas and literature on European intellectuals at the dawn of the Enlightenment. Much of his writing, however, concerns the Western Sepharadi Diaspora and the Portuguese Conversos of Amsterdam, London, and Hamburg. Goldish received his Ph.D. from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his B.A. at the University of California, Los Angeles. Professor Goldish has written 2 books: The Sabbatean Prophets, dealing with the role of prophecy in the great messianic movement of Shabbatai Zvi, 1665-6; and his latest book, Jewish Questions: Responsa on Sephardic Life in the Early Modern Period (2008). Along with Professor Daniel Frank, he is the editor of Rabbinic Culture and Its Critics: Jewish Authority, Dissent, and Heresy in Medieval and Early Modern Times (2008).